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Fiscal Sponsorship

About TMF Fiscal Sponsorship

At MusicSquared Foundation, we're committed to helping you bring your projects to life quickly and effortlessly. Our mission is to support initiatives that foster positive change for individuals, communities, and the environment. Here's what this means for you: Whether your project focuses on social change, public art, environmental justice, or another impactful cause, as long as it's non-commercial and benefits others, we're here to sponsor you—and we do it fast. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our rapid project approval process. We believe in removing barriers. That’s why we offer our sponsorship services without any application fees. Ready to make a difference? Apply now and get the assurance you need to start your project right away. With The MusicSquared Foundation by your side, you can focus on what truly matters—advancing your charitable efforts.


Back-Office Support

One of the key advantages of partnering with a fiscal sponsor like MusicSquared Foundation is the extensive back-office support we provide. By handling much of the administrative paperwork, we free up your time to concentrate on your mission. Our services include managing government filings, overseeing contracts and leases, ensuring compliance with regulations, and maintaining necessary insurance. Additionally, we offer an online portal that provides easy access to documents commonly requested by funders, streamlining the entire process for you. This comprehensive support system is designed to simplify your workload and enhance your project’s success.

Financial Management

Our Accounting and Financial Management services ensure you’re always in the know, offering round-the-clock access to your financial data. We extend a comprehensive range of support, including access to expense cards and user management, managing accounts payable with checks, ACHs, wires, and other necessary payments, as well as meticulous income recording covering various channels like checks, ACHs, wires, donation platforms, and stock donations. What’s more, our direct line to the accounts team ensures swift and effective communication, while our online portal streamlines processes, allowing you to effortlessly submit invoices, receive deposit notifications, and request expense cards, among other essential tasks. With our support, your financials are not just managed but optimized, freeing you to focus on propelling your project forward.


In the journey of your project, whether it’s in its infancy as a startup or already established, the quest for improvement and growth is constant. At The MusicSquared Foundation, we understand the importance of seeking guidance and expertise. That’s why we offer access to coaching and consulting services, connecting you with seasoned professionals who specialize in areas crucial for your development. From ensuring nonprofit readiness to providing leadership coaching, aiding in program development, fostering board growth, and refining systems, our network of capacity building experts stands ready to support your journey towards success. With our assistance, you can navigate challenges, unlock opportunities, and realize your project’s full potential.

Types of Programs TMF Sponsors

  • Projects at Local & Nationwide Level
  • Long & Short Term Projects
  • New & Existing Projects
  • One-time & On-going Events

Benefits of TMF Fiscal Sponsorship

  • Access to Non-Profit Status
  • Administrative Support
  • Enhanced Credibility
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Focus on Mission
  • Networking Opportunities
Focus on Your Passion – Let Us Handle the Rest

Whether you're uplifting a community, protecting the environment, or spreading education, we provide the support and infrastructure to help you succeed.